Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Update

In a little over a month I will be on my way to New Zealand with Youth with a Mission! Here are my top 5 things that I am most excited about.
  1. Showing the love of God to the people in New Zealand!
  2. How God is going to challenge me in my faith through everyday life.
  3. What I am going to learn about God and myself during this time.
  4. The people I am going to meet and the friendships I will make.
  5. Embracing the culture of New Zealand and other countries I might end up in.

 As excited as I am about this experience; I still need spiritual/financial support to go to New Zealand. I can use prayer that the people my teammates and I meet in New Zealand will have open hearts and minds about God. If you feel lead to help me financially you can send a tax deductible check to Middleville Christian Reformed Church, 708 East Main Street, Middleville, MI 49333. All you need to do is write YWAM in the memo line and they will know that it is for me and send it to YWAM New Zealand. If you are interested in more of what Youth with a Mission is and what I will be doing, you can go to this link I am doing the BDTS (Backpackers Discipleship Training School).

I am going to try an update my blog as much as I can and show pictures. However, I will not be bringing my laptop with me because it is staying working right now because I have rubber bands holding the battery cord in it. But there are computers on the Youth with a Mission base in New Zealand so I will try my best to post a couple times a month. If you would like to correspond with just me, just send me an email at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. On my blog post you can select an option to "follow by email" meaning each time I post anything you will get an email saying that I posted something!

Have a great day!