Thursday, August 2, 2012

List of supplies needed in Honduras

Hi friends and family,
So I had mentioned in my last blog post that I am bringing a second suitcase of items just for the day care and school in Honduras. Below are the things that they need:

3-6 year old boys clothes
6 years and up boys and girls clothes
kids shoes
kids cough syrup
gummy vitamins
coloring books
colored pens

Also diapers and formula are needed, but it would be easier for me to buy them there than pack them in my suitcase. So if you would rather give me money to buy specifically those things, or any of the other things on the list, I would be happy to do so. Whatever you can give me, they will use, even if it isn't on the list.

I have about 2 months before I leave so I will start collecting any of the items starting now. Feel free to contact me by email at, Facebook, phone or in person.