Friday, March 6, 2015

Adventures in Haiti!

Hello Family and Friends!

It has been a couple months since I posted last. So I will try to catch up and fill you in on all that has been happening. In my last blog post I talked about fixing the car and all the car parts we brought back with us after Christmas. Well, we are finally getting there and getting it fixed. Right before my mom came we were able to fix the A/C in the car, which has held up and is a huge blessing. Not because it is so hot (it can be, trust me), but because it is very dusty and with our windows down it is pretty bad. There are still a few other things that need to get fixed, but the A/C has been awesome!

After Christmas Daniel and his co-worker switched from doing every other week in Cap-Haitian to doing two weeks in CAP and two in PAP. So they are still spending half of their time away from Port-au-Prince, which can be difficult, but I was able to go with Daniel in February for about 10 days and it was really great to get out of the city and change the scenery. We went on a couple hikes/runs up the mountain in the morning and got some pictures the second time cause neither of us thought to bring the camera the first time.
The lookout from the top of the mountain on our hike

Daniel is still working hard at his calculus class and getting an A. He has been applying for universities to attend this fall in the states for Aeronautical Engineering. So we are waiting to see where we end up in August. But we are both really excited to see where this leads and being back in the states is always a plus too!

I am still volunteering with MAF but on a part-time basis now, as my position as assistant to the Program Manager is done. I am helping with random projects and working a few days a week or when they need someone extra to help out. I have been talking with some friends who work for other organizations here and need someone to help them out part-time, so I am figuring out if I can work that out also. Hopefully in my next blog post I will be able to share more.
Birthday celebrations! With Dawn, Annie, Caroline
my mom!, me, Daniel, Jess, Cynthia,
and my wonderful friend Cheyenne is taking the picture.

On my birthday, February 24, my mom was able to make it to Haiti for about 9 days, which was really great! Daniel was able to get a couple days off from work on the 25th and 26th, and we went to the Wahoo Beach Resort about an hour away. We hung out on the beach and went snorkeling one morning, ate really amazing food, played games and slept! My mom spoiled us while she was here and it was really nice for her to be able to come and see what our life is like here. She saw the good and the stressful parts and I am grateful she didn't get on a plane the moment that we started driving home.

My mom at the Heartline
Maternity Center.
-Had a wonderful birthday in Haiti with Daniel and my mom being able to come.
-The time I was able to spend with my mom here and creating our own adventures.
-Daniel's class is going well this semester.
-I am heading to Gulf Shores the end of March to spend time with my friend Lisa and her family.

-Daniel managing his time with work and school.
-For our health and safety here.
-That our car keeps running well and gets us through August and then we will sell it.
-Remembering to put God first in our life/marriage when we get busy and forget that we just need to give it to God and He will provide in the way we need.

Daniel and I extremely grateful for all of your thoughts, prayers and support as we are figuring out what we are doing here and how we can serve others in this time. May God bless you and your families in whatever you may be going through. We all have our situations that at this moment we are wondering how we will get through it or where God is going to lead us next. However, when we look at everything that God has given us, when He doesn't even need us, we really are blessed to have Him as our Father, friend, provider, protector, comforter, etc... I am thankful for how God has put all of you in our lives and that we can love each other as Christ loves us.

God Bless,
Amy & Daniel