Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 days!

Only 6 more days until I leave for the beautiful land of Honduras and Guatemala! God has opened some pretty amazing opportunities for me in those places and I am excited to bring donations for the kids of the day care and school! On that note, I would like to get any remaining items from people in the next few days so I know how much stuff I have and if I am going to ship the items or check them on the flight. If you cannot get me the items, please let me know and I will pick them up from you. If you know of anyone that was thinking of donating anything, please let them know that I would like the items sooner rather than later. I am extremely thankful for all of the school supplies, clothes, toys and also the money donations to buy items there that are easier to buy there than pack.  You truly are making a difference for the kids and families there. I will make sure to update my blog as much as I can while I am there and I would really appreciate your prayers for safety and health while I am traveling.

God Bless,