Friday, June 27, 2014

Life in Haiti

Wow! Did I really just move to Haiti??? Just kidding! It didn't really hit me that I moved here until a few days ago. After all the craziness of the rush of getting here, finding a place to stay, and starting a new job, I let myself think about what I just did. Part of me is shocked, and the other part doesn't feel any different. I have my doubts about why I am here and the unknowns ahead, but who am I to judge far God has been the one to follow through on it all. I am fortunate to have such a great community of people I work with at MAF and other missionaries here to build each other up with encouragement of why we are here.

It has also been really great to see Daniel on a more regular basis! It has been so great to be able to communicate in person without having a bad internet connection on Skype and trying to figure out what the other person was saying. We eat lunch together when we work on the same days and sometimes like today, on Daniel's day off he came to MAF and ate with me.

On my first day of work, I got to go out on a flight to La Gonave which was about 20 minutes both ways. I had heard about some of the MAF landing strips but I needed to see it for myself. We did a fly over the landing strip first because often there will be cows, goats, other animals and people on them. This time there were 2 ladies walking on the runway :). It was a pretty cool experience being able to see what MAF does for the people here in Haiti!

This is the landing strip at La Gonave.
Dirt & Rocks make for a really
 smooth landing and takeoff! 
I moved out of Daniel's co-worker's house on Monday and now I am living with one of our MAF missionary families until I can find a place closer to Daniel. I am actually living in the "servants" room of the house, but it works out pretty great! So thankful they opened up their house for me to stay in. Unfortunately it is about a 30 minute commute on a good day for Daniel to drive up to see me or for me to go down and see him. But when the Lord provides, you go with it!

-That I have a place to live until Daniel & I get married in October or if I can find a place closer to him that isn't too expensive I will move out sooner.
-Made it through two weeks of work doing a lot of accounting stuff
-Haven't gotten sick from the virus that is going around from the mosquitoes

-Adjusting to the culture, language barriers and the ways of how things get done here.
-Health (There is a really bad virus going around that is being carried by mosquitoes that a lot of people I know have had it or have it right now. It is similar to Dengue fever and the only way to prevent it is to keep putting on the bug spray.)
-That I can be a witness to others through my words and actions. God has given me so much and I want to spread it to others around me. GOD IS GOOD...ALL THE TIME!

Thank you for your continued prayers and if you are interested in supporting me financially there is information on the right side of the blog.

God Bless,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Greetings from Haiti

Hello friends and family,

I just wanted to let you know I made it to Haiti Thursday afternoon! My flights went as well as they could and only had about 15 mins of wondering if someone stole one of my suitcases in Port-au-Prince.

I am currently living with Daniel's co-worker in her house for the next week or so, which has been a huge answer to prayer because it only takes me a couple mins to walk to Daniel's and it is in a gated community so it is pretty safe. Unfortunately I can't stay living there because there are other guests coming that need a place to live.

I don't have much else to update you on because I have been here for less than 48 hours. But I have some prayer requests if you could keep us in your prayers.

-I have a place to live that is safe and close to Daniel for the next week or so.
-I am able to RELAX today after the transition of moving out of my friend's condo and moving my non-Haiti items to my parents attic, finishing up some big wedding plans, and packing for Haiti.
-We found a place to store our car in Michigan and the rest of the items can be stored in my parent's attic.
-My checked suitcases all made it under 50lbs and one of them showed up at 53lbs but then changed to 49.5lbs when the American Airlines agent looked at it!

-That I can find the right housing situation until Daniel & I get married. I have options but none of them stick out to me as being the right option. Please pray that I will be able to listen to what God's plan is and we can feel at peace about it.
-Getting around can be difficult here and we do have a vehicle to use. But I am not comfortable with the area yet to drive myself and if I need to get somewhere then Daniel has to drive me.
-I start my job at MAF on Monday. Pray that I have a smooth transition into work that I will be doing and have unity with my co-workers.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

God Bless,