Saturday, September 9, 2017

Haiti trip update and running

Hey Friends and Family!
As most of you know I have been training for the Richmond Marathon on November 11, which is almost 2 months from now. I have put in 400 training miles so far and have about 200 left. I am running all of these miles because God gave me the legs and heart to do it. It isn't for my benefit it is to honor and glorify Him. I obviously enjoy it most of the time because I look forward to it and challenging myself.
Training in the Outer Banks, NC
Last year I ran for Team Fisher House to run in the Marine Corps Marathon, and it was worth it to help families of the military. This year I didn't have to join a charity, but I wanted to. I wanted to make the miles matter for more than myself. So when I want to quit, I can think about the other people's lives that matter who may not be able to run or walk. This is my way of still being involved with a mission organization and making a difference where I can. I am raising donations for medical flights in Haiti with Mission Aviation Fellowship. I worked with them for a year there and I know there are people that cannot afford the costs of a medical flight. The medical flights can range anywhere from $250 to $750. My goal is $2000 to help them out. Please pray about this and see if it is something you feel led to help with. Here is the online link, all donations are tax-deductible: If you would rather send a check to MAF, you can write my name in the memo line and send it here:
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Atten: Becky Lee
PO Box 47
Nampa, ID 83653

I was recently in Haiti to see some friends and also got to visit MAF again. It has been over 2 years since I left and it brought back a lot of memories. The driving is still crazy as ever! lol! I was able to run once while I was there, made it about 7 miles doing .5 mile loops and Daniel walked the last few with my water bottle and I would meet him every other lap. I am thankful to be running on the pavement instead of watching out for giant potholes, rocks, oh and the wild dogs that would bark at me and try and jump on me sometimes. It is a completely different lifestyle and the people that I passed running gave me the strangest look, like who is this tall american running in 90 degree weather. I am glad we were able to visit again but I think it will be awhile before we can go back as we have some big trips coming up next year (Brazil in March & cruise in the Caribbean in May)!

MAF hangar in Haiti
Daniel and I at our old house in Haiti

This is the 2nd floor of a restaurant and you can watch the airplanes taking off and landing. 
Last weekend I was able to go home for the holiday. It had been since Christmas since I saw most of my family. It is really hard to be away from my family and friends there. However, I know that God has plans for us here or maybe even in Texas at NASA, but nonetheless they are the people that you grew up with and have always supported you. There was a lady that used to work next door and she would always tell me "Never forget where you came from", and I haven't and I miss everyone a lot. I can't say thank you enough for all of the support I have gotten from everyone throughout my adventures and trying new things that I had no idea what I was doing or where it was going to lead to. I have God and that is what I hold on to.

God Bless,
Amy (and Daniel)