Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Update on the Tredway's

Dear Family and Friends,

At Famous Dave's for dinner with the family
We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season with family and friends. Daniel and I had a great time spending our Christmas in Kansas. We were able to have quality time with family and friends. It was a really great time not only enjoying family and friends but having a break from the chaotic life in Haiti. When we arrived at his grandparents house in Topeka on Christmas Eve night, I had this feeling of being refreshed. Not that I felt really clean or anything, because we had been traveling all day. But a feeling of ease and relaxation. Don't get me wrong, we were busy the whole time we were in Kansas trying to see everyone we could, but it was just knowing that we can get around easier, and quick run to the store if we needed something. We also had the special pleasure of getting to see two movies in the theater, one with his dad and the other with his sister, Crystal. My parents were also able to come for the weekend after Christmas and visit with Daniel's family. All around, it was wonderful being able to spend my first Christmas in person with Daniel and the people we love.
Daniel with Crystal (sister) and Mark (dad)

We arrived back in Haiti on January 1, 2015 and it has been crazy ever since. We were able to get a bunch of the car parts we needed sent to my parents and they brought them with them to Kansas and we took them back with us from there. Daniel has been busy with his class (calculus) this semester and is still working everyday, and obviously doesn't have time to work on the car. So that would leave me, the person who didn't even know how to change a tire to look up YouTube videos and internet websites to learn how to do it. So far with some and a lot of Daniel's help (strength), I have changed the front rotors, breaks, tire rods, shocks, fuel filter and diagnosed a misfire on cylinder 1. The next big project is the air conditioning. I am not sure how much I really enjoy working on the car, but I am glad that I can help. Still not sure when I will be done at MAF, and what I will do after that (besides work on the car). So we will see and just take it all one day at a time.
Changing the rear shocks
As I think about our life in Haiti, some things like stated before, take more time here than they do at home. Or we have better access to things in the states than we do here. Which makes living in the states a lot easier some times. However, when living in a country other than the one we are used to, it is easy to forget that we can have some of the same issues there.  Life is a gift that God has given each of us, and if we worry so much about all the problems we have and what the future holds, then we are missing out on what God is teaching us right now.

-That our trip home for Christmas went smoothly with no delays and a great time with family and friends.
-We were able to get our car parts back to Haiti without any hassle in customs.
-Meeting new friends in our village and having a "family" community.

-For Daniel's calculus class, and that he will be able to do his best work and keep up with his class.
-Daniel working everyday and being safe with the aircraft he is working on.
-The car repairs and all the stuff that has to get done around the house.
-What is next for me after I finish at MAF-Haiti.

Thank you all for your prayers and support for us as we are here and learning where God is leading us. We greatly appreciate all of our friends and family and the encouraging words that make a huge difference for us.

God Bless,
Daniel and Amy

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