Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First week of "Kiwi" life!

Hi all!

I made it to New Zealand and let me just say...its AMAZING! I cannot stop smiling. The people at YWAM here are awesome and everyone is super friendly and happy!

My flights here went well! I met a couple girls that were going to YWAM here also in the LAX airport so we stuck together and made it through customs and got our luggage transferred safely. I didn't expect to meet anyone there, but it was great knowing that we had someone that would stick with us if something did happen. I got here on Friday afternoon around 11 and we waited a little longer for another YWAMer to come and then we got back to base around 12:30. I am living in a house with 19 other girls with two bathrooms. My room only has 3 of us in it and my two roommates are from Minnesota and Austria. There are quite a few nationalities here and its intriguing to see how they have grown up in an entirely different country.

My daily schedule keeps me very busy. Usually from 7-7:20 we have breakfast, then we have our quiet time with God (devotions, prayer, reading the Bible, etc.), after that most people have a morning work duty. My work duty is to help prepare dinner. So I got lucky there! The food is amazing and they always have gluten and dairy free food. After that, depending on the day we will have worship or intercession time. Also in the morning we have something called "morning tea", which is a snack break. We have speakers/lectures in the morning an afternoon. So far we have had staff speakers this week, but starting next week we will have one speaker for the whole week. I am just getting used to the daily swing of things and seeing how it all works. So far, I am loving it and the 24 hours of travel time was worth it!

I am sorry I haven't had time to take pictures yet, but when I do I will get them on here or my facebook. Please continue to pray that the funds for my outreach time will come in. I am so excited about everything that I have learned so far and I can't wait to go out and see who God wants us to talk to!



  1. Hi Amy

    Good to hear that you arrived safely. It sounds like things are going well so far. May you be blessed as well as a blessing to others. Have a good day.

  2. Glad you are enjoying it! I am jealous!!