Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Race to 2025 Results!

Greetings friends and family!!!

I thought I would update you on what happened last weekend on my adventure race at Cran-Hill Ranch! If you read my previous post you have a little idea of what I was getting myself into. I didn't know anybody going there. I was put in a team of 4 (me and 3 other guys). One of the guys ended up being from New Zealand. Which I have to say is pretty cool! We were to compete as a team to complete challenges on Saturday and Sunday. There were 4 teams besides mine. 

Saturday's challenges consisted of team skiing, snowshoeing/hiking to find different checkpoints, cross-country skiing, making a fire in the woods, traversing across a road, eating foreign foods (ate some kind of animal heart, not sure what kind though), and translating part of the Bible. 

On Sunday which happened to be my 25th Birthday, we started the day off with leading a horse in the woods and then I ended up riding it the rest of the way because one person on the team had become "ill" and couldn't walk anymore. Then we continued the miles of hiking/snowshoeing to find checkpoints. We ended up getting lost for like 3 hours because the map we were given was wrong, but we found 3 other teams that were lost too, so we stuck together to try and find the other clues. Eventually we ended up at our next destination which was using codes for each letter to figure out what the sentence said. Then we walked to the ice climbing wall and 2 people had to complete that. All three guys on my teams made it to the top! I tried it but I had such bad blisters on my heals that I couldn't go any farther. We made it to the finish line and got the survivor award for coming in last. 

I learned a lot this weekend. Probably more than I realize but the one thing that really stood out to me was how God provided just when I wanted to give up from the pain in my heals, and bring the warmth back into my fingers. But I knew God wanted me there for a reason. I was blessed by my teammates, other team members, and the staff. It was such a great community of people and I was sad to leave Sunday night to go home. Don't get me wrong, I was excited to see my own bed after 16 hours of physical activity. 

So you might wonder if I would do this again??? Well, during the time that I was doing it, I was wondering why I even signed up and how I got myself into this situation. But now that I look back on my weekend, it was a crazy adventure and I made some pretty sweet friendships. So sure, why not! :) 

Thank you to those of you who sponsored me to help Cameroon translate the Bible into their language. And also for the prayers and support during this time. It really means a lot to me, and I look forward to see what challenge God is going to put next in my path!

God Bless,

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