Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Race to 2025

Hi family and friends!

I am excited to tell you about my next adventure! However, this one is in Michigan! This next adventure coming up is from February 22-24. I am doing an event with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Basically the race is 2 days at Cranhill Ranch and we (coed teams of 4) have different physical and linguistic challenges to complete during the day.

In order to participate in this exciting adventure, my team must raise a minimum of $2,000 ($500 per racer). This is where your involvement in the global Bible translation movement comes into play! Funds raised through Race to 2025: Cameroon go toward:  Development of the several language training programs in Cameroon, including:
• Linguistic analysis       • Bible translation and Scripture use     
• Community, church-based and school literacy
·   The aim is each language will have: appropriate documentation; a translated New Testament available in printed and oral form; self-supporting literacy and Scripture use programs; and trained, experienced and motivated translators, literacy teachers and scripture use promoters.
·     Emphasis is on capacity building and partnership with local committees and churches. 

Even though I am not physically going overseas, I am glad that I have this amazing opportunity to
make a difference in Cameroon. For more information go to the website below,

If you would like to sponsor me in this race and support the global Bible translation the information is below. 

If you see me in person, I have a sponsor sheet where you can give me cash or checks (made out to Wycliffe Bible Translators). If you don't see me, then feel free to do the following options below. 

A tax deductible receipt will be issued for gifts of $25 or more. 

Please make checks payable to:
     Wycliffe Bible Translators • PO Box 628200 Orlando, FL 32862-8200 Designate for the Race to 2025 (Project #0-996687-00)
plus (Amy Bronsink/Sharwa team) on a separate sheet of paper

Want to give by credit card via phone call?
     Wycliffe's Online Giving Services toll free at 866-736-4387. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST). Designate for the Race to 2025 (Project #0-996687-00) plus (Amy Bronsink/ Sharwa team)

Want to give online by credit card?
Go to Or go to select Give, select Current Projects, select Race to 2025 (Project #0-996687-00).
Click on
Donate to this project ->In Special Instructions (Optional): state for Race to 2025 plus (Amy Bronsink/ Sharwa team) Complete checkout process. 

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